Sunday, April 5, 2009

"No failure recipe!" vl.1 - Bacon asparagus skewers

Bacon asparagus skewers

So, I went to Seattle in Spring break and
stayed at a friend's home for a few days.

One night it was her brother's birthday so her dad
made this gorgeous and fantastic skewer for everyone.
It was SOOO GOOD :)
It was asparagus and bacon skewer.
So when I was back, I was still thinking of that flavor in my mouth.
Mm.. until one point that I can't stand it anymore,
so I decided to make it by myself! Hehe!

Here is the (my) recipe:


1. one pack of bacon
(I personally prefer the fresh bacon but not the frozen one)
2. some asparagus
(better use the big fat ones, but I couldn't get some good ones this time :( )
3. some oil
4. some bamboo skewers


1. open bacon and cut the whole thing into three parts
2. rinse and cut the asparagus
(length according to the bacon, usually a little longer then bacon will be fine)
3. wrap a piece of bacon around the cut asparagus,
and poke through it with a skewer stick
4. after skewers are ready, rinse them with some oil
and let the asparagus soak up a little
5. (as I am a college-dorm-living-student who don't have a barbecue grill,
so I use oven instead for this part)
I set it on 350 degrees and bake it for around half an hour.
remember to preheat before though!

..and it becomes a delicious dish for fancy parties,
gatherings or little house cozy parties!
(I made it for girls night anyways :D)


After :)

Hope you love it! (at least I do, hehe)