Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Bath Day!

Happy Bath Day!

I got a new make up cleanser recently,
it's pretty good! :D

At first I just thought it was cute
(you know with all those roses and pink and stuff),
but then the result is unexpectedly good! :)

It smells really good with sweet rose essence
which make you feel really good when you use it
on your face, unlike other cleansing products
which smells chemical-ish.
Even it is not oil free, but it doesn't give you an
oily feeling at all! This is what I like about it too.

A recent-good-buy :) love it!


  1. neat! it's pretty AND smells like roses??
    ahhhh now i want it too! ;D

  2. haha thanks for being "tester"
    for my blog! ;D

    yes! I will show you sometime! :)