Sunday, April 5, 2009

"No failure recipe!" vl.1 - Bacon asparagus skewers

Bacon asparagus skewers

So, I went to Seattle in Spring break and
stayed at a friend's home for a few days.

One night it was her brother's birthday so her dad
made this gorgeous and fantastic skewer for everyone.
It was SOOO GOOD :)
It was asparagus and bacon skewer.
So when I was back, I was still thinking of that flavor in my mouth.
Mm.. until one point that I can't stand it anymore,
so I decided to make it by myself! Hehe!

Here is the (my) recipe:


1. one pack of bacon
(I personally prefer the fresh bacon but not the frozen one)
2. some asparagus
(better use the big fat ones, but I couldn't get some good ones this time :( )
3. some oil
4. some bamboo skewers


1. open bacon and cut the whole thing into three parts
2. rinse and cut the asparagus
(length according to the bacon, usually a little longer then bacon will be fine)
3. wrap a piece of bacon around the cut asparagus,
and poke through it with a skewer stick
4. after skewers are ready, rinse them with some oil
and let the asparagus soak up a little
5. (as I am a college-dorm-living-student who don't have a barbecue grill,
so I use oven instead for this part)
I set it on 350 degrees and bake it for around half an hour.
remember to preheat before though!

..and it becomes a delicious dish for fancy parties,
gatherings or little house cozy parties!
(I made it for girls night anyways :D)


After :)

Hope you love it! (at least I do, hehe)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My little make up world vl.1

ck Calvin Klein Discover Kit - Nude Collection

(Picture from

My recent new love! :D

I personally care more about eye makeup then everything else.
So I love buying and trying different kinds of eye shadows :)

Eye makeup for me is more like a little secret solution to help me
look less tired and make my eyes looks sharper (okay this is very important,
especially for us Asians!) more than anything else.
So instead of putting a lot of colors and make them super glamorous,
I tend to be choosing nude and natural colors.

So, by having my bad online shopping habit,
I found this around a month ago, on
This kit comes with a little gold lip gloss,
a cashmere color nail polish,
and a trio eyeshadow in Deep brown (matte dark brown),
Honeymoon (light golden beige shimmer), and
Sand stone (matte light taupe).

I have been using eyeshadow with shimmer or silver base forever
because I always think there are easier to blend in
and they are easier to match.
But on the other hand I also really wanted to try
matte colors because they are just really settle and natural.

And I found it! :D I bought it and I tried it on.
It's just what I want -
natural but totally brings out the definitions of your eyes.
And I really love how the deep brown is REALLY deep.
(you know how sometimes you hate the eyeshadow doesn't comes out
what they looks like on the palette when you put them on your eyes? :( )

And what I really like about this kit is that
the little tube of lip gloss looks really cute
and the design is smart!
It looks like hard plastic but it is squeezable!
It doesn't looks like some other boring lip glosses :)

And what makes it even BETTER is that
you can get it with $35 by getting the value of $55! :D
So, hi---ghly recommended and,

"HUGE fan, love it, love you, gotta go. Thank you."
- quote from the movie Bolt

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Give me a Kiss :D

Imagine how nice it would be - having a Melty-kiss in winter!

Last winter I was in love with this
new special edition of Meiji Meltykiss - Dark Rum.
I was not a big fan of wine flavored chocolate,
but I just fall in love with this dark rum meltykiss
after I tried the first piece.

It has just a right hint of rum,
which you won't even taste it at first;
but getting more and more flavor of it after a while.
And what's interesting about meltykiss itself
is that it melts softly in your mouth,
leaving a really light after taste,
unlike some other chocolate which leaves a strong
weird texture on your tongue.
And recently my friend back home sent me a box of it,
I am in love with it again! :D yay!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Bath Day!

Happy Bath Day!

I got a new make up cleanser recently,
it's pretty good! :D

At first I just thought it was cute
(you know with all those roses and pink and stuff),
but then the result is unexpectedly good! :)

It smells really good with sweet rose essence
which make you feel really good when you use it
on your face, unlike other cleansing products
which smells chemical-ish.
Even it is not oil free, but it doesn't give you an
oily feeling at all! This is what I like about it too.

A recent-good-buy :) love it!