Thursday, April 2, 2009

Give me a Kiss :D

Imagine how nice it would be - having a Melty-kiss in winter!

Last winter I was in love with this
new special edition of Meiji Meltykiss - Dark Rum.
I was not a big fan of wine flavored chocolate,
but I just fall in love with this dark rum meltykiss
after I tried the first piece.

It has just a right hint of rum,
which you won't even taste it at first;
but getting more and more flavor of it after a while.
And what's interesting about meltykiss itself
is that it melts softly in your mouth,
leaving a really light after taste,
unlike some other chocolate which leaves a strong
weird texture on your tongue.
And recently my friend back home sent me a box of it,
I am in love with it again! :D yay!

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